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Ordering, Shipping and Delivery Information

Thank you for visiting our website and considering us for your shopping needs.  Our system uses inventory tracking, which only allows our customers to order items that are in-stock at the time they are placed into the shopping cart.  Please email if something you're looking for is marked out of stock, so if the item is not already on the way we can order it for you.  With all the items on your order in-stock at the time you place it, you can count on us to get your order shipped quickly and efficiently, usually within 24 hours.

If you're looking for an item that's not on our website, please contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you as soon as possible.


Please read all the information below before placing your order!

Credit card regulations have changed to better protect consumers.  We cannot add ANY items to your order.  We cannot charge your credit or debit card for a larger amount than what you authorize when placing your order.  Please add all the items you wish to purchase before completing your order.  Any additional items will require us to email you another invoice, which could delay shipment.

Returns/Refunds - There will be no returns or refunds on charts, kits, magazines, fabrics or special ordered items.   Shipping cannot be refunded on any returns, and you are responsible for any return postage. We charge a $2 restocking fee on returned items.  If you place an order and cancel it after it has been processed and charged, but hasn't shipped yet, there will be a $2 cancellation fee.  These rules are firm.  Please do not email us and ask to return one of the items listed above, because we have a STRICT NO RETURN POLICY on them.

We ship through the United States Postal Service.  Our shipping rates are based on your order total.  Because we wish to only charge the actual cost of postage and packing materials, the shipping rate on your order may be adjusted to a lower amount before your payment is processed.  Occasionally, an item's size or weight requires that the item be shipped priority mail, and an additional cost may apply.  In such cases, you will be contacted about the additional fees.

**To our international customers:  Determining actual postage rates for international shipping is much harder than setting domestic rates.  Our rates may appear high (or low) when you place your order.  As with our domestic customers, shipping fees, if possible, will be reduced before your payment is processed.  Additionally, if your postage is higher than quoted at checkout, we will contact you about the additional fees.

If you place an order and cancel before your order is shipped, there will be a $4 re-stocking fee.

Delivery Notifications

In addition to order and shipping confirmations, and a tracking number on priority mail orders, you should also receive a delivery notice.  If for some reason you receive this notice and do not have your package, please check to make sure it wasn’t left by the postal carrier in an alternate location, such as by the front or rear doors, or that it wasn’t picked up and secured by another family member who forgot to mention it to you.

If you have exhausted all other possibilities, your next step is to contact your local post office and speak with the postmaster or supervisor.  Give them the package information-tracking number, etc, so they can speak with your postal carrier and track down where it was delivered by mistake.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible for us to help locate a package that has been delivered to the wrong location.
If the postal service is unable to locate your package and enough time has elapsed for the recipient to have returned it for redelivery, please contact us to see if the package was insured, so we can start the file/claim process.