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We found the lost combination to the fabric vault!  

Just kidding, but that would make a cool story!  When we created the new website, adding all of the in-stock fabrics was a daunting task.  Though well intentioned, it just didn't happen as planned.  But, that has changed.  Most of the fabric we have in-stock is now on the site and available for your next project!

While listing the fabrics we discovered that some of them have been discontinued and are no longer available from the distributors.  If you've been looking for a specific fabric for an older chart, you may find it here.

In years past we cut fabric to custom sizes for our customers, but unfortunately, we can no longer offer that service.  The downside of custom cutting is the RANDOM SIZE CUTS that are left behind, and we have a lot of them available now!!!  These random sized cuts of fabric are trimmed evenly and ready for your next project.  These individual pieces will not be restocked.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Some of these fabrics cannot be restocked at all because they are discontinued and no longer available.

Please don't forget about the search feature on the site!  Using it can save you a lot of time when looking for a specific fabric, or to see if we have the same color in another thread count, etc.  Keywords are your friend!  Also, if you don't see the specific fabric you're looking for, contact us.  We may be able to get it for you.