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Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Main Street


The Main Street series consists of 10 designs that will be released consecutively for 10 months.  Each design has a stitch count of 59w x 83h.  If the entire series is stitched together as shown, it has a stitch count of 295w x 157h.  Also, if you are stitching the series together, you will only stitch one row of leaves between the buildings.  You will omit the top row of leaves from the bottom row of buildings.  You will stitch the top row of 5 buildings with no spaces in between, then move down and stitch the bottom 5 buildings with no spaces in between.

The fabric used for the model’s is Wichelt’s 32 count Star Sapphire Linen.  The designs also use the same threads throughout.  If all of the designs are stitched, a total of this many skeins of floss will be needed: Classic Colorworks’ Four Leaf Clover (2) and Cocoa Bean (2).  DMC: White (3), 208, 210, 603, 605, 646, 647, 721, 743, 745, 798, 809, 869, 911, 913, 958, 964, 3031, 3072, 3825, 3828.  We will carry all the charts in this design and they will be available for purchase as soon as they are released each month.