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Room of Wonders Scissors - 4 Designs  - Limited # of each!

Room of Wonders Scissors - 4 Designs - Limited # of each!

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Here is the story behind these straight from France: "“Nestled in the heart of the Ouche country for nearly 200 years, it is a unique and historic place: the BOHIN France company, full of mysteries, teeming with well-kept treasures and singular personalities. These have inspired each fictional character of the new collection ''Cabinet de curiosité''. Each one, like a true alchemist, works to make the name and the magic of the House of BOHIN flourish. They borrow their features from old engravings mixed with current colors.
- A lynx dandy looks beyond the borders to extend its fame.
- An enthusiastic lioness encourages each new story, each new project.
- A pragmatic squirrel hops from one appointment to another to reveal new wonders to the public.
- An alert owl watches over the illumination and renewal of the memory of the place.
The collection ''Cabinet de curiosité'', is this piece of history mounted in fiction that we share. This place where past teaching, transmission, envy, enchantment, enthusiasm and the alchemy of success come together."

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