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Cording Drill/Thread Twister

Cording Drill/Thread Twister

$ 13.00

Hand-held tool that twists together two or more strands of thread to create cording, piping, and trim. It's the fastest and easiest way to make custom trims for ornaments, stockings, stand-ups, friendship bracelets (kids love it), and more. It allows you to combine any colors in any thread to match projects.

The top 10 things you can do with The Cording Drill:

1. Spin a rope - Rope can be used for cording, necklaces (with or without beads) amulet bags and many other projects. Your rope can be as fine or as thick as you need.

2. Create a candy stripe rope

3. Craft a custom cord edge

4. Twist up a tie back

5. Pull off some piping

6. Drill out a draw-string

7. Fix up some rope fringe

8. Beat up some bullion

9. Generate a jump rope

10. Couch on some cord

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