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Erica Michaels Designs ~ Be Like A Crow

Erica Michaels Designs ~ Be Like A Crow

$ 20.00

I love these little bits of wisdom from our feathered friend here! This is another design where I’ve included an overall piece - plus a number of outtakes. 35 count silk gauze is included for the framed model - and it would also be stunning on a favorite light neutral fabric.

Charts for the berry and four additional smalls are here too! Threads are the same for all models, but I’ve stitched these smalls on a variety of fabrics with different finishes, and I hope it inspires you to be creative and have fun with these!

Note: Corvus is the genus in the family of birds which includes crows, ravens and rooks. I used this term on one of the pin pillows, but you can easily swap that for the Be Like a Crow phrase as charted on the overall design.

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